IDF says weapons found in Gaza hospital prove it was 'unequivocally' used for terror

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) shared an update to the media on the operation it launched at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. In a statement, the IDF said, it has discovered an operational command centre, weapons, and technological assets belonging to Hamas inside the MRI building at Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. The IDF also said, it found technological assets, along with military and combat equipment in one department and an operational command centre and technological assets in another. The technological assets and extensive intelligence information have been transferred for full review by the relevant authorities, it added. It further said that as the soldiers entered the hospital complex, they engaged with a number Hamas members and killed them. The statement also said that it is continuing to operate in the hospital complex, while extracting intelligence information and preventing harm to the medical teams and civilians sheltering there. It has also shared several images and some video footage showing what it says are weapons found during the operation.

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