Full ceasefire in Gaza will only help Hamas, says US

The US has said that a full ceasefire in Gaza would only help Hamas as Israel wages an air campaign against the militant group, but humanitarian pauses should be considered to let vital aid in. The comments came as President Joe Biden said aid deliveries to the Palestinian enclave, under Israeli bombardment since the deadly Hamas attacks of October 7, are not fast enough. US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told journalists that a ceasefire right now really only benefits Hamas.

 Thousands of people have been killed on both sides since Hamas militants stormed across the border, executing civilians and seizing hostages, with Israel retaliating with relentless strikes on the Gaza Strip.

UN chief Antonio Guterres yesterday urged an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as European Union leaders were considering a call for a pause in the fighting.

Kirby said that while Washington opposed a full ceasefire, stoppages in the fighting to facilitate the delivery of aid are something that ought to be considered. We want to see all measures of protection for civilians and pauses in an operation is a tool and a tactic that can do that for temporary periods of time, he said.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier asked the UN Security Council to support a new US-led resolution on the conflict that would back humanitarian pauses" to let in aid but not a full ceasefire.

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