Govt working to set up medical hub in state: CM Dr. Manik Saha

Chief Minister, Prof. Dr. Manik Saha, urged club committees across the state on Sunday to refrain from harassing the common masses under the guise of subscription collection for Durga Puja celebrations.

“The significance of various clubs and social organizations in building a healthy and beautiful society is immense. These clubs also bear significant responsibilities in addressing various local issues. Therefore, the role of these clubs should always remain impartial. Durga Puja, the grandest Bengali festival, holds immense cultural importance. I appeal to all concerned club committees to exercise caution in organizing this festival to ensure that people are not subjected to any harassment during the collection of subscriptions," Chief Minister Dr. Saha emphasized.

Dr. Saha inaugurated two blood donation camps at Nivedita Sangha in Bhattapukur and at the premises of Desabandhu Chittaranjan Club. Additionally, he inaugurated a new building at the North Bordowali Recreation Centre, where he also marked the commencement of another blood donation drive.

He underscored the ongoing efforts to enhance blood collection during the current fiscal year.

“Ensuring the availability of blood for those in need is of paramount importance. In Tripura, we currently have 14 blood banks. A single blood donation can potentially save up to four lives. Swift access to blood is essential during surgeries and road traffic accidents. Furthermore, approximately 15% of the population possesses a negative blood type, which can lead to shortages. Thus, by maintaining a sufficient supply of such blood types in blood banks, we can aid everyone. During the previous assembly election, there was a blood shortage, but after my appeal, the community rallied to alleviate the crisis. In the 2022-23 Fiscal Year, we collected 42,000 units of blood. The blood donation initiatives are ongoing, and we hold hope that blood collection will increase in the 2023-24 Fiscal Year”, he said.

Dr Saha further said that the present state government only thinks about development.

“The entire population of the state is now connected to water and road networks. Healthcare infrastructure has also advanced significantly. Specialized medical practitioners are available, leading to a reduction in the number of patients seeking treatment outside the state," Dr. Saha affirmed.

Elaborating on healthcare development, Dr. Saha said, "We are strengthening district hospitals to alleviate the burden on state hospitals. Moreover, we have plans to establish a medical hub within the state. Our government is committed to delivering development through action rather than lengthy speeches. We work tirelessly for the benefit of the people throughout the year."

Dr. Saha additionally highlighted the substantial responsibilities of clubs, stating, “Past instances of clubs resorting to violence are well-documented. Travelling between different clubs' areas used to be challenging due to such conflicts. However, these dynamics have transformed. Clubs must evolve and adapt to change. They possess the potential to address a myriad of issues, and club members should maintain a neutral stance."




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