US imposes new sanctions on Iran oil, petrochemical sales

The United States has imposed a new round of Iran sanctions, targeting the country’s oil and petrochemical sales. The sanctions hit a Vietnam-based company, two firms based in China, two others in Iran and one in the United Arab Emirates, accusing them of involvement “in the transport or sale” of Iranian oil and petrochemicals.

According to the state department, The US is committed to significantly reducing Iran’s energy exports and will sanction those facilitating its petroleum and petrochemical trade.

It will not hesitate to take action against those who try to circumvent our sanctions. Meanwhile, Iran has accused the US of showing “bad faith” in the talks to negotiate a prisoner swap.

Iran had faced an enormous amount of US sanctions since 2018. US-Iranian relations have been further complicated by a crackdown on anti-government protests in Iran and Washington’s allegations that Tehran supplied Russia with drones that Moscow used against Ukraine.

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