Thai police seize drugs worth $8 million

Thai anti-narcotics police seized over $8 million worth of drugs in one of the largest single hauls in the kingdom's history, officers said Thursday.

The so-called "Golden Triangle" where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet has long been a hot spot for drug smuggling, particularly of methamphetamine, despite repeated crackdowns.

Officers raided a building in central Nakhon Pathom city late Wednesday night, detaining four men at the premises and uncovering a huge stash.

"This is one of the largest amounts of drugs ever confiscated," said newly appointed National Police Chief Torsak Sukwimol, adding the haul was worth roughly 300 million baht ($8 million).

He told reporters officers had found roughly 15 million "yaba" pills -- methamphetamine tablets that are produced and used across the region.

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