Preparations in full swing for Kharchi Puja

Preparations are going on in full swing to make the weeklong Kharchi Puja at Chaturdash Devata Bari Temple in Old Agartala a success. The celebrations will begin from June 26.

Keeping eyes on the 7 day long Kharchi, preparation is on peak at Chaturdasha Devta Bari Temple premises at Khayerpur. Kharchi Puja is a weeklong festival. The rituals are conducted by tribal priest and the main priest is called ‘Chantai.’

On June 20 last a meeting of the mela committee was held. The meeting elaborately discussed the preparations and instructed the concerned persons to complete all work, said MLA from 05-Khayerpur Constituency Ratan Chakraborty.

The price of the coupon was kept the same as last year to ensure that every person intending to participate in the mela gets the facility. And he lucky draw will be held on June 23, he added.

The main feature of this festival in Tripura is that, whether the festival is basically tribal or not, all people regardless tribal and non-tribal join the festival in a joyous mood and become part and parcel of it.

Chaturdas Devata is a family deity of the Maharajas of Tripura. Since the merger of the State with the Indian Union on October 15, 1949 the State government is maintaining the temple. Though the princely days are gone still all practices of the royal days are followed in observing the festival as well as performing the daily puja.

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