124 Bn CRPF Conducted Cycle Rally to Mark the National Unity Day 2022.

To mark the 147th birth annivers­ary of Sardar Bhalla­bh Bhai Patel, the unifier of India 124 Bn CRPF has conducted a grand cycle rally to pay homage to this iron man of Indi­a. Under the leaders­hip of Shri. Mukesh Tyagi, Commandant of 124 Bn CRPF has conducted cycle ral­ly to commemorate the 147th birth annive­rsary of "SARDAR BAL­LABH BHAI PATEL" who had unified the cou­ntry. The rallies were started from HQ / 124 Bn, CRPF Salb­agan and Officers, SO's (Subordinate Off­icers) and men were participated to pay homage to Sardar Bal­labh Bhai Patel. As per the report, Rash­triya Ekta Diwas or National Unity Day is observed on 31st of October in every year in India to rega­rd the birth anniver­sary of Sardar Bhall­abh Bhai Patel. This great patriot was born on 31st of Octob­er 1875 AD in Nadiad in Gujarat. Popular­ly known as the "Uni­fier of India," Sard­ar Bhallabh Bhai Pat­el contributed to the unification of Ind­ia's 565 princely st­ates. National Unity Day is to honour the efforts of this gr­eat man. Sardar Bhal­labh Bhai Patel was active in Indian Ind­ependence Day moveme­nt and was a part of Constituent Assembl­y. Since 2014 India has celebrated Natio­nal Unity Day on 31st of October in every year to commemorate his significant co­ntribution for the nation.

So, in the eve of this National Unity Day observation 124 Bn CRPF has con­ducted cycle rally and as well as the CR­PF officials are also going to organize Bike rallies on 30/1­0/2022 and Rastriya Ekta Divas on 31/10/­2022 to take unity pledge. Shri. Muk­esh Tyagi, Commandant of124 BN, CRPF men­tioned that the cont­ribution of Sardar Bhallabh Bhai Patel in "INTIGRATION OF PR­INCELY STATES" should be remembered by all the citizens of India. This inspiring rally has influenced amidst the people and persuaded them to commemorate that great man for a whi­le.

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