9 held with 52 kg ganja from Agartala railway station

In a major crackdown, the RPF and GRP jawans on Thursday detained at least 9 youths of Bihar state with 52 Kgs of Ganjas from Agartala railway station. The detained youths were supposed to travel to Delhi from Agartala through Tripura Sundari Express.

The detained youths were identified by the police as 29 years old Gautam Kumar Ray, 23 years old Shubudhi Yadav, 19 years old Ramen Kumar, 21 years old Rakesh Kumar, 35 years old Khaigar Singha, 30 years old Brajesh Mandal, 22 years old Prashant Kumar, 31 years old Bidhan Mandal and another 22 years old Shukla Kumar.

The officer in-charge of the GRP police station of the Agartala railway station Sanjit Sen said that the detained youths entered into the Agartala railway station with bags on their back on Thursday evening and they were supposed to travel to Delhi.

The RPF and GRP jawnas deployed in the rail station suspected their movement and stopped them from climbing the train and later at least 52 Ganjas were seized from each of the bags of the nine youths. All of them were booked under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, he told reporters.

On Wednesday, another person from Bihar, dressed in Assam Rifles, was arrested with 21 kg of ganja from Agartala railway station. He was scheduled to take the Kanchanjunga Express, connecting Agartala with Kolkata.

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