Oppositions has no issue against PM Modi-led government: CM Dr Manik Saha

Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha on Thursday took on the opposition Communist party over their slogan to save democracy and said that the oppositions are left with no issue for the ensuing Lok Sabha election.

Addressing an election rally here at Agartala on Thursday evening, Dr Saha said, “Having no issue for the Lok Sabha election, the CPI(M) is raising their slogan to save the country's democracy. But where was democracy in Tripura during the time of the Left front?”

“Around 69 people in South Tripura district were killed for doing congress party during the Left regime. Leaders like Chan Mohan Tripura and likewise many people across the state were killed for being in opposition during the Left regime,” Dr Saha questioned the democracy of the state during the Left regime and said, “People of this state are well aware of the fact that the democracy was in stake in Tripura during the Left regime.

He said, “During the last 25 years rule of the then Left front government, the state of Tripura was reeling under odd situation, where political murders and violence took its height, while people were scared of the terror tactics of the CPI(M)”

“The CPI(M) which never believed in democracy are now raising slogans to vote for the I.N.D.I alliance to save democracy,” Dr Saha added.

He said, “It was the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who saved the democracy of the country through abolishing Article 370 in Kashmir. In view of safeguarding democracy, PM Modi abolished triple talaq for the welfare of the minority mothers and sisters.”

“PM Modi has put priority on women, poor, youths and farmers to bring more development to the nation,” Dr Saha, adding that this ensuing Lok Sabha election is to cast vote for making a 100-year of roadmap for country’s development with the Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister for the third consecutive term.

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