Turkey: Floods caused by torrential rains hits 2 provinces devastated by last month’s earthquake, kills at least 5 people

In Turkey, floods caused by torrential rains hit two provinces that were devastated by last month’s earthquake, killing at least five people. Officials said, at least five other people were reported to be missing.

One person was killed in the town of Tut in southeastern Adiyaman province where surging waters swept away a container home where a group of earthquake survivors was living. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu conducted a survey of the areas devastated by the floods in Adiyaman. The flood water also caused traffic disruption on the main Atatürk Boulevard and other streets and avenues.

Four other people were killed by the floods in the neighboring Sanliurfa province. Footage from Sanliurfa on social media showed flood waters surging along a street and sweeping away cars. Several people were evacuated from a drenched campsite in the province where earthquake survivors were sheltering in tents. Patients were also evacuated from the hospital.

The powerful earthquake struck parts of Turkey and Syria in February, killing more than 50,000 people - the vast majority in Turkey. More than two lakh buildings in Turkey either collapsed or were severely damaged.

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