Govt working to ensure no developmental fund is left un spent: FM Pranajit Singha Roy

The state finance minister Pranajit Singha Roy on Wednesday expressed his concern over delayed project works across the state and said that funds will be diverted for completion of other project works on priority basis.

“Some departments are running very slow to delay their project work. In that case we are planning to divert the fund of the delayed projects for the promising projects and ensure that no developmental fund is left unspent and returns to Centre,” he told reporters.

Addressing a press conference here in his chamber at the secretariat the minister said, “Today I chaired a long hour meeting with the officers of various departments. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the money allocated in the budget is properly and timely utilized for the benefit of the people.”

The minister on Wednesday reviewed several project works sanctioned by the Centre and the state and instructed the officers for timely completion of the project and ensure that no fund returns to the Centre.

“This year's budget has given special importance to education and health, mainly for capital investment, development of agriculture and agriculture-related sectors, improvement of standard of living of people of all sections and ensuring health services,” he said, adding that in that case, the concerned departments have been instructed to take necessary initiatives to implement the project within time.

The finance minister also said that the departments have been instructed to spend the money allocated for various projects sanctioned by the central government's special assistance within the month of March 2023.

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