Sikkim: Indian Army, BRO complete second Bailey Bridges over Teesta river

In the wake of the devastating flash floods that struck Sikkim on the intervening night of the 3rd and 4th of October, a remarkable tale of resilience and fortitude emerges.

The calamitous outburst of Lhonak Lake caused the disappearance of critical bridges, severing road connectivity between the east and west banks of the Teesta River in North Sikkim.

Border Roads Organisation (BRO) in close coordination with the Army successfully completed the construction of two Bailey Bridges at Sanklang over river Teesta thus restoring vital connectivity between Mangan and Dzongu region during non-monsoon season.

Post construction of these Bailey bridges, BRO has not stopped here but has sharpened its efforts by mobilising its manpower and heavy machinery for the construction of the Bailey Suspension Bridge at Sanklang to provide round-the-year connectivity to the Dzongu region.

As the region continues on the path to recovery, the focus has now shifted towards reuniting villages Naga and Toong to facilitate sustained traffic flow.

Due to the flash flood, the road connecting Naga village to Toong suffered extensive damage and the majority portion of the road got washed away.

Thus, leaving no connectivity between Naga and Toong. Sensing the criticality of the situation, Karmayogis of BRO sprang into action with a mission to reconnect Ritchu village with the rest of the state.

Working overtime, BRO painstakingly undertook formation-cutting work over treacherous terrain for more than two kilometres and successfully established connectivity to Ritchu village.

Mamatha's efforts of BRO brought smiles to the faces of stranded villagers of Ritch village who saw connectivity with the rest of Sikkim after 20 days. BRO’s painstaking efforts enabled the successful rescue of more than 200 villagers and 28 vehicles from Ritchu village.

The unwavering determination of BRO did not stop at this only. BRO continued to work overtime and, opened the access for pushing forward much-needed bridging stores till Toong.

BRO Karmyogis along with villagers from Toong village successfully established a footbridge over the Teesta River thus restoring foot connectivity between Naga and Toong.

In the meantime, BRO has completed recce and survey work in coordination with the State administration and local villagers along a fresh alignment, thus avoiding sinking zones and washed away portion between Naga and Toong.

BRO has commenced with formation cutting along this newly selected alignment in full swing by deploying a large number of heavy excavators.

This fresh alignment will pave the way for sustained traffic between Naga and Toong and further to Chungthang in North Sikkim.

Border Roads Organisation remains resolute in its commitment to this cause, working at an accelerated pace to achieve the challenging goal of reconnecting these areas at the earliest.

The remarkable efforts and determination of the BRO stand as a beacon of hope, showcasing the indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to restoring connectivity and supporting the affected communities.

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