CM Manik Saha announces hike in MLA fund

With the beginning of the first day of the winter assembly session on Friday, Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha announced a hike in funds for MLA area development to foster comprehensive development for the people of Tripura. Dr Saha announced the hike from Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 75 lakhs.

“Instead of Rs 50 lakhs per MLA, now each of the lawmakers will be entitled to receive Rs 75 lakh through the fund,” said Dr Saha.

Addressing the first day of the assembly session, the Chief Minister said, “Considering the demand of the MLAs, who cutting across the political lines raised their demand time and again, the funds had been increased and from now each of the MLA would receive an additional amount of Rs 25 lakh.”

"Consequently, the total annual allocation for all 60 MLAs is expected to reach Rs 45 crores, requiring an additional Rs 15 crores", he said, adding that this move reflects the government's commitment to promoting sustained growth and welfare for the citizens of Tripura.

Soon after the announcement was made, the Leader of the Opposition, Animesh Debbarma and CPI-M leader Dipankar Sen tried to argue that even Rs 75 lakh was not enough given the skyrocketing prices of things. Both the legislators said that at least Rs 1 crore should be allocated for MLA area development fund.

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