PM Narendra Modi distributes 51 thousand appointment letters to new recruits in government departments and organizations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today distributed over 51 thousand appointment letters to newly inducted recruits through video conferencing. This was the eighth edition of the Rozgar Mela, which was held in 45 different places across the country. Through this Rozgar Mela, the Ministry of Home Affairs recruited personnel in various Central Armed Police Forces, Narcotics Control Bureau as well as Delhi Police.

Addressing on this occasion, the Prime Minister called the new appointees as Amrit Rakshak saying that they will not only serve the country but will also protect the country and the countrymen. The Prime Minister said that several changes have been made in recruitment process for paramilitary forces to open new avenues for our youth.

Talking about the Rozgar Mela, he said, this edition of Mela is taking place at a time when the nation is filled with pride and confidence. He said, Chandrayaan 3 and the Pragyan Rover are constantly transmitting the latest images of the Moon. He said, in this prestigious moment, the new recruits are beginning the most important journey of their lifetime.

Highlighting the developmental journey of the country, the Prime Minister said, India is now the fastest growing economy of the world and it will be the third largest economy in this decade. He said, this is Modi’s guarantee and his responsibility. Mr. Modi underlined the huge opportunities lies in the pharma, automobile, food processing and tourism sector saying that with the expansion of these sectors, several employment opportunities will be created in the coming years.

He said, the government has spent more than 30 lakh crore rupees on infrastructure development in the last nine years which is giving a major push to connectivity, creating new job opportunities in various sectors. He also underlined the record export made by the country in the last year saying that it is a sign of increased demand for Indian-made goods in the global market. He said, as the production of the goods has gone up, employment opportunities have also generated. Mentioning the success achieved in the mobile manufacturing sector, he expressed confidence that the country will replicate the success of the mobile manufacturing sector in the IT and hardware manufacturing sector.

Highlighting the success of Jan Dhan Yojana scheme which has completed nine years today, the Prime Minister said, more than 50 crores bank accounts have been opened so far under the scheme which has become the instrument of economic empowerment of the citizen. He said around 21 lakh Bank Mitar are playing key role in opening the bank accounts and providing financial Services at the doorstep. The Prime Minister also underlined the importance of Mudra Yojana, PM Svanidhi, women Self Help Groups in providing better access to credit facilities.

Talking about the role of youth in bringing transformative change in the governance, the Prime Minister said, today's generation is looking for permanent solutions to problems and not fragmented ones. In his message to newly recruits, he underlined that as public servants, the new appointees will have to take decisions which are beneficial for the people in the long run. He stressed on maintaining the attitude of learning as paramilitary forces and highlighted the 600 plus courses available on the IGOT Karmayogi portal.



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