Finance Minister Pranajit Singha Roy presents Rs 27654.45 crore deficit budget for 2023-24 FY

The state finance minister Pranajit Singha Roy on Friday presented Rs 27654.45 crore budget for 2023-24 Financial Year (FY) with a deficit of Rs. 611.30 crore in the first day of the four-day long monsoon assembly session.

Presenting the budget, the finance minister Singha Roy said that the budgetary allocation for 2023-24 is 9.87% higher than the revised estimate, and capital expenditure is proposed to increase by 22.28%. He projected that the state’s tax revenue collected is expected to be to the tune of Rs. 3360 crore and Rs 450 crore from non-tax revenue.

The budget proposed series of programmes of the state government including – crop management programme, development schemes in sports sector and tribal welfare, students’ achiever scholarship, a skill development scheme, a free scooter for 100 girl toppers in Class XII, a satellite town development scheme, and the setting up of a centre for artificial intelligence.

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