PM Modi addresses public rallies & holds roadshow ahead of Karnataka Assembly elections

Several campaigns, rallies, and roadshows from political parties in Karnataka are seen, with top leaders from BJP, Congress, AAP, and JD(S) for the upcoming Karnataka Assembly election.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting at Chitradurga today, May 2 on his second leg of the two-day election campaign. Seeing the large crowd, Modi said the event reflected the decisions of the people of Karnataka-Ee Bariya Sarkar, Bahumatada Sarkar. He said Congress can never compete with BJP's developmental works, and his party is fighting this assembly election in Karnataka to make the State No. 1.

The Prime Minister said the Congress has a history of appeasing terror and terrorists, adding that Congress and JD(S), which promotes terror, can never benefit the State. Saying Karnataka is the driving force of a developed India, Mr. Modi appealed to the voters to vote for a double-engine government. Attacking the opposition parties, Modi said Congress and JD(S) indulge in dynastic politics and corruption and aim at dividing the society.

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