Combating soaring price, Tripura Govt starts selling onion at Rs. 55/kg

In a bid to tackle the soaring price of onions in regular market of the capital town of Agartala and also to bring a sigh of relief for the general public, the Tripura Food and Civil Supplies department has opened a fair price shop here at Agartala Maharajganj Bazar to sell onion at Rs. 55 per kg.

The prices of onion have shot up from Rs 30 per kg to Rs 80 per kg over the last few weeks to land the general public in trouble in buying onion from regular markets.

A delegation led by the director of the state food and civil supplies department Nirmal Adhikari on Friday visited the Maharajganj bazar and opened a fair price shop to sell onion. “Government will now sell onion at Rs. 55/kg unless the price of onion comes to normal in the regular market and those buying over 5 kg can get it at Rs 51 per kg.,” Adhikari told reporters.

“Due to some natural disaster in Nashik, from where we import onions, the price of onions shot up, following which the government’s selling price at the cost of Rs. 55/kg cannot be brought down further,” he explained. 

He further stated that strict measures would be taken against traders illegally hoarding onions or charging more than the government rate.

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