The State’s Health Insurance Scheme Empanels Superspeciality Eye Hospital The Retina Centre

Tripura, being one of the most literate states in India, has always witnessed strong public awareness about the importance of eye care. However, the remoteness of the state stopped people of Tripura from accessing cutting edge eye treatment facilities available in other parts of the country. But the situation has changed as super-speciality eye care infrastructures are now closer to home. And the Government of Tripura has opened up to including private healthcare providers under health insurance schemes.

As part of this ongoing initiative, Guwahati-based renowned super-speciality eye hospital, The Retina Centre, has recently got empanelled under the Tripura Health Assurance Scheme. It is a New Year's surprise for people who are planning to undergo critical eye treatments. It would help them get their eyes checked and access The Retina Centre’s cutting edge diagnostic facilities at no extra cost.

“Health insurance schemes are effective ways to extend cutting edge diagnostics and treatments to deserving people. Being a prominent super-speciality eye hospital in NE India, we are committed to reaching every person with eye conditions. We are thankful to the Tripura Govt for offering us this opportunity.” - Dr. S.U. Ahmed, Senior Consultant & Founder, The Retina Centre

Eye care in today’s digital first life style

Eye care has always been important as we perceive a significant part of the world through our sight. Good eyesight is also essential for leading an economically productive life. Poor vision not only deprives people from seeing this beautiful world, it can also significantly reduce employability. Besides, increasing penetration of smartphones and larger participation of the workforce in digital economies have made eye care even more critical. Even a small eye condition can turn our lives upside down today through restrictions on screen time. Negligence of minor eye problems often flare up situations to a disproportionate level. 

Making eye care within the reach of common people.

Modern innovations in medical science and technologies have made diagnostics of eye problems and their treatments much more accessible. Costs of these treatments have also gone down significantly because of economies of scale. However, such treatments are still beyond the budget of millions of Indians. Government hospitals often remain overcrowded with patients. To bridge this gap, both the central and the state governments across India are empanelling prominent private hospitals under health insurance schemes.

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