Minister Sudhangshu Das chairs board meeting of Gomati Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd

The minister of Animal Resource Development Sudhangshu Das on Tuesday chaired a board meeting of the Gomati Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited here at Agartala Indranagar and said that the government is working to ensure that Tripura becomes self-sufficient in livestock products.

“Taking a cue from the less production of milk as compared to high demand, the ARDD department has taken various steps in recent days to achieve self- sufficiency in milk production in the state,” he said.

During the meeting the minister stressed on the need of increasing milk production and said that the farmers of the state are required to be encouraged more to rear cows in a healthy manner.

He said that plans were taken to produce high-quality cattle fodder in the state. Government-owned vacant land, forest areas, and government farms will be utilized for fodder production, he added.

Meanwhile, the minister said that the Gomati Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited plays an important role in meeting the demand of milk and other dairy products in the state. 

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