Israeli forces further pressed ahead with their air and ground bombardment of southern Gaza Strip

Israeli forces have further pressed ahead with their air and ground bombardment of southern Gaza Strip, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians. Israeli warplanes heavily bombarded an area around Khan Younis, the main city in southern Gaza yesterday in what it described as an aggressive action against Hamas and other armed groups. Israel's military using social media and leaflet drops ordered the evacuation of a fifth of Khan Younis, pushing Palestinians further into a progressively shrinking portion of the besieged territory. This comes as the Israeli military said it was expanding its ground operations to the whole of the Gaza Strip after a truce between Israel and Hamas collapsed on Friday. The United Nations has warned that an even more hellish scenario is about to unfold in the Gaza Strip and aid operations may be left unable to respond.

 According to a UN agency, almost 1.9 million people which is more than 80% of Gaza's total population, have now been displaced. The death toll among Palestinians has surpassed 15,800 while more than 1,200 Israelis have been killed and around 240 taken hostage since October 7. Both the United States and the United Nations have repeatedly urged to protect civilians and avoid further mass displacements. Additionally, The US State Department has said that the week-long truce agreement between Israel and Hamas fell apart because Hamas refused to free women hostages, as it did not want them to speak publicly about sexual violence.

Meanwhile, Israel has updated its travel warnings, raising the threat level to advise "increased precaution" in many nations in Europe and South America. It also called for travel to be reconsidered to several nations in Africa and Central Asia. Earlier, Israel said that three of its soldiers have died in combat in fierce battles with Hamas in Gaza.

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