Election Commission announces schedule for assembly elections in 5 states

The assembly elections in  Mizoram,  Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh,  Rajasthan and  Telangana will be held between 7th to 30th of next month, while the counting for all five states will take place on 3rd December.  The Election Commission today announced the poll schedule for these five states.  In Mizoram, the polling will be held on 7th November and the notification will be issued on 13th of this month. Chhattisgarh will go to poll in two phases on 7th and 17th of November and notification will be issued on 13th of this month for the first phase and on 21st of this month for the second phase. In Madhya Pradesh, the voting will take place on 17th November and notification will be issued on 21st October while Rajasthan will go to polls on 23rd November for which notification will be issued on 30th October.  The voting for the Telangana assembly will be held on 30th November while notification will be issued on the 3rd November. 

Briefing media in New Delhi, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar said polls in these five states hold a unique significance as they serve as the final assembly elections before the grand stage of General Elections in 2024. He assured that the Commission will ensure free, fair, and inducement-free elections in these five states. He also said that  ECI has laid special emphasis on ensuring a healthy, pure and inclusive electoral roll.  Mr. Kumar added that there are 679 assembly seats in these five states and 16 crore electors. Around 60 lakh first-time voters will participate in these polls. 

The Chief Election Commissioner sadi that there will be 17 thousand 734 Model polling stations in these states. A total of 621 polling stations will be managed by PwD staff. He also said Assured Minimum Facilities will be available in all polling stations.  He said, people can report any kind of electoral malpractice to the Election Commission through cVigil App adding that there will be a response in 100 minutes for every complaint.

The CEC informed that over 940 inter-state border check posts will be set up in five states to check any cross-border movement of illicit cash, liquor, freebies, and drugs.  Mr. Kumar said an election seizure management system is being introduced for five assembly polls for enhancing oversight for inducement-free elections.

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