India proves some suns of resolve rise on moon as well, said PM Modi on Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that Mission Chandrayaan has become a symbol of the spirit of New India, which wants to win in any situation and knows how to win. He said, today, the country’s dreams are big and its efforts are also big. Addressing the nation in his Mann Ki Baat programme on Akashvani today, the Prime Minister lauded the successful mission of Chandrayaan 3 saying that India has proved on the 23rd of this month that some suns of resolve rise on the moon as well.

Stressing on the women-led development, the Prime Minister said, that where the might of women's power is added, the impossible can also be made possible. Mr Modi highlighted that Mission Chandrayaan is also a live example of woman power as so many women scientists and engineers are directly involved in this Mission. Mr. Modi said, that when the daughters of a country become so ambitious, no one can stop that country from becoming developed. He also lauded the contributions of other sectors in the success of Chandrayaan 3 saying that many countrymen have contributed to the success of this Mission. He wished that the country's space sector would achieve innumerable success in the future with the collective efforts of all.

Speaking about the G20 Leaders’ Summit which is scheduled to be organised in New Delhi on the 9th and 10th of next month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, India is fully prepared for the Summit. He mentioned that the Heads of 40 countries and several global organisations will participate in this event which will be the biggest participation ever in the history of the G20 Summit. He emphasised that India has made G20 a more inclusive forum during its Presidency as the African Union also joined the forum and the voice of the people of Africa reached the world. Talking about the success of the G20 events, the Prime Minister said that delegates were very impressed, seeing the diversity of India and its vibrant democracy.

Terming India’s G20 Presidency a People's Presidency, Mr. Modi said, the spirit of public participation is at the forefront. He said, more than one crore 50 lakh people are associated with the events being organized across the country. Mr. Modi highlighted the success of the G20 Quiz held in Varanasi, and the Saree Walkathon in Surat. He said Kashmir is witnessing a huge increase in the number of tourists after the G20 meeting organised there. He urged all the countrymen to come together to make the G20 Summit successful.

Highlighting the potential of the country's young generation, the Prime Minister mentioned the success achieved by youth in sports. Talking about the success achieved by the country’s athletes during the World University Games in China, he said, India displayed its best-ever performance in the games by winning 26 medals including 11 gold medals.

The Prime Minister talked to some of the medal winners of the World University Games over the phone and congratulated them for their success. Speaking with Pragati, a resident of Uttar Pradesh who won a medal in Archery, the Prime Minister said, You people have brought glory to India. In her conversation with the Prime Minister, Pragati said, she is feeling very proud.

Mr Modi also spoke to Amlan, a resident of Assam who shared his interest in Athletics.

In his address at the Mann Ki Baat Programme, Prime Minister Modi also talked about the collective efforts of all the countrymen in turning Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan into a Har Man Tiranga Abhiyan. He said, many records were made during this campaign as the countrymen purchased crores of tricolors. He said, this time the countrymen have created a new record in posting selfies with the tricolor.

The Prime Minister also talked about the Meri Mati, Mera Desh campaign. He said, in the next month, there will be a campaign to collect soil from every house in every village of the country and the holy soil of the country will be deposited in thousands of Amrit Kalash urns. He said, Amrit Vatika will be built in Delhi from this soil.

In his address, the Prime Minister also extended his greetings on the occasion of World Sanskrit Day. He said, this time, he received many letters in the Sanskrit language and the reason for this is that on the Poornima of the month of Sawan, the World Sanskrit Day is being celebrated Calling Sanskrit the mother of many modern languages, Mr. Modi said, ancient knowledge of India has been preserved in this language for thousands of years and people are now learning Sanskrit.

Prime Minister Modi also congratulated people on the occasion of Telugu Day which will be celebrated on the 29th of this month. He said many priceless gems of Indian culture are hidden in the Telugu literature and language.

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