Tripura celebrates Ker Puja with full devotion

A centuries-old tribal custom in Tripura called Ker Puja was celebrated with full devotion in Tripura at royal palace on Tuesday.  Ker Puja is celebrated two weeks after Kharchi Puja and is still celebrated within the premises of the royal palace and with financial support from the state government.

Ker is considered the guardian deity of Vastu Devata is of the state of Tripura from the Royal Period. A large piece of bamboo bent in a particular fashion assumes the image of Ker and is fast rotated to produce a sound.

 “The customary rules and traditions of Ker Puja are not easy to follow. All pregnant women, diseased and dying are kept out of the specified Puja area”, said a priest.

The literal meaning of Ker is boundary or specified area from where no one is allowed to enter or come out for two and a half day during the celebration.

The puja rituals are carried out at government expense as the Tripura government has been holding good its promise to the state's erstwhile royal family for over the decades to organise the puja. During Ker Puja, all kinds of amusement, recreation and ceremonies are banned in the notified areas.

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