Minister claims of stable power supply despite surge in demand

Expressing concern over the surging demand of power in the state, the state power minister Ratan Lal Nath on Wednesday urged the consumers to refrain from using excess electricity in addition to their actual requirement.

Addressing a press conference here at his office chamber the power minister said that the state recorded the highest ever single-day power demand of 357.4 MW on Tuesday last. “Despite the surge in demand for power, the power service in the state remains stable,” he told reporters.

“Some consumers are using an excessive number of electrical appliances without the permission of the power department. As a result of which many times the stress on the nearby transformers in the concerned area is gradually increasing, causing transformer failures,” hje said, adding that the consumers need to register accurate information about their valid electricity usages to the power Department.

He said, “Arrangements are being made to purchase power from outside the state to provide uninterrupted power service to the customers of the state.”

“Employees of all levels of Power Corporation are making relentless efforts to render uninterrupted power service in the state,” he claimed.

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