ISRO successfully launches LVM 3 -M3 rocket with 36 satellites from Sriharikota

India's LVM 3 -M3 satellite with 36 satellites of the One Web India - 2 mission took off from the second launch pad of the Sathish Dhawan Space Centre Sriharikota successfully at 9 this morning.

The 43-metre-tall launch vehicle successfully completed the three stages in the prescribed time limit including the involvement of the ignition of the cryogenic engine.

The datas are being tracked by the ground stations at Thiruvananthapuram, Lucknow and Bangalore stations and also at the ship station at Antarctica.

Speaking after the launch, the Chairman of ISRO, Somnath said that the first 16 satellites of the one web India - 2 series were placed at the right orbit as planned, the remaining 20 satellites will also be positioned soon.

Asserting that it was a  successful mission with no glitches,he looked forward to more such missions in future, he told that cryogenic engines which were used in these missions will be used in Gaganyaan mission also. He said that ISRO will be having another commercial launch in April.

The Chairman told that ISRO will be having another commercial launch in April. He thanked the Prime Minister for supporting the efforts of ISRO and said that it increased the confidence of those working at the organisation.

The Chairman and Managing Director of the NSIL, Radhakrishnan said that the use of the cryogenic Mark 3 engine has proved successful and the extremely challenging manoeuvres of the satellites were done in a remarkable manner.

Mission Director Mohanakumar said that it was one of the heaviest payloads and the nine sequential events were successful to the dot. He said that the one web India - 2 mission was a 72 days campaign.

The Director said that the assembling of the satellite was done in the newly built second building with the best standards of safety.


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