Tripura Assembly: Governor Nallu hails state’s initiatives in administration, farming

Governor Indrasena Reddy Nallu on Friday hailed the developmental pace of the Tripura government and claimed that the government made significant strides under good governance.

In his speech in the first day of the winter assembly session in the house, Governor Nallu said, “In a significant development to the state, government has set up new institutions like the Tripura Institution for Transformation, launched the e-cabinet system for transparency and effectiveness, and digitised government offices through the e-office system.”

Underlining the development of the tourism sector the Governor said, “Tripura is planning to develop tourism infrastructure development works with Asian Development Bank (ADB) funding at major tourist destinations like the Neermahal, Kasba Kalibari Temple, Chaturdash Devta Bari Temple, Chabimura and Unakoti.”

“The tourism department has already introduced multiple adventure tourism initiatives like paramotoring, paragliding, water scooters, water ski, zorbing, banana boating, hot air balloons, etc.,” he added.

In context of the employment, he said, “Tripura government effortlessly to provide job opportunities to youths. In addition to this, the government introduced soft skills and vocational guidance programmes, upgraded the socio-economic condition of rural people.”

Referring to the agriculture sector, Governor Nallu said, “Government has taken series of initiative to boost the agriculture sector and enhance the livelihood of the farmers.”

“Tripura has prioritised commercial marketing of horticultural produce, focused to bring more land under cash crop cultivation, started procurement of paddy through Minimum Support Price (MSP),” he said, adding that the farmers of the state are brought under the coverage of various welfare schemes of farming sector.

On tribal welfare activities, the governor said the state is committed to the overall development of tribals, Scheduled Castes, minorities and backward communities under the Chief Minister’s Tribal Development Mission.

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