AMC sanctions Rs. 16 lakhs for every ward for Durga Puja festival

The Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) has sanctioned Rs. 16 lakhs for every ward of the capital town of Agartala ahead of Durga Puja festival, said AMC Mayor Dipak Majumder on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference after a council meeting in the conference hall of the corporation office on Wednesday, the Mayor said, “The fund has been sanctioned for maintenance work on roads, drains and others in every ward following the Durga puja festival.”

He said, “In addition to this, the Corporation has taken up some additional works following the festive season ahead, which includes adequate lighting facilities in every locality of the city, cleanliness drive, deployment of additional manpower to ensure pollution free festival and others.”

“The clubs and other social organizations will be provided with new dustbins, basin powders and other necessary materials to maintain cleanliness of their area during the festive season,” he said, adding that proper arrangement will be taken up by the AMC to ensure hassle free idol immersion at Agartala Dashamighat.

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