Tripura has potential to generate ‘Green Hydrogen’ from biomass, bamboo: Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood

At a time when the Government of India has set a mission of promising future for ‘Green Energy’ and is contemplating to make the country a leading producer and supplier of Green Hydrogen in the world, the Principal Scientific Adviser to the GoI Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood on Monday said that Tripura has potential to generate green hydrogen from biomass and bamboo.

Prof. Sood was addressing a press conference here in the indoor exhibition hall of the Hapania International fair Ground on Monday. He was accompanied by the President of Indian National Science Academy Ashutosh Sharma and Secretary of Tripura Industries and Commerce department Abhishek Chandra.

“The first day session of the G20 science summit had a broad discussion on using biomass and bamboo in generating green hydrogen in the state of Tripura,” he said, adding that Tripura can have a leading edge in the sector.

He said, “In Tripura biomass route for green hydrogen is a huge potential which can be explored. There was a discussion on how to transform resources like bamboo, and biomass into clean energy for a greener future.”

Prof. Sood talked about India’s effort on green hydrogen and said that India has set its vision on achieving Net Zero by 2070. To achieve this target, increasing renewable energy use across all economic spheres is central to India's Energy Transition.

Adding to the statement of Prof. Sood, the President of Indian National Science Academy Ashutosh Sharma addressed the press conference and said that discussion was held to improve the quality of bamboo in Tripura so that it can be used in a scientific way for generation of green hydrogen.

He said that the summit mainly focused on three major theme – Green Hydrogen, the ultimate future of green energy, Energies from ocean and Energy storage.

In a separate press conference earlier on Monday, Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha said that among the renewable energy avenues suggested by G20 delegates, the state government is already working on solar and biomass-based energy.

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