Animesh alleges of increase in drug menace; demands Govt to form committee

The leader of opposition Animesh Debbarma expressed his concern over the increasing rate of drug menace across the state on Sunday and demanded the government to form committees with MLAs.

“At a time when the government is slogging for Nesha Mukt Tripura, the drug menace across the state is increasing at an alarming rate with the increase in HIV positives. There is an urgent need to combat the menace,” he told reporters.

Addressing a press conference here at Agartala on Sunday, Debbarma said, “Government should form one committee with the MLAs and other public representatives cutting across political lines in each assembly constituency of the state.”

He demanded the government to establish drug rehabilitation centres in all the assembly constituencies of the state. He said, “Government must take immediate measures to control the drug menace in Tripura, otherwise the present and the upcoming generation of youth will end with that drug menace.”

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