Red palm oil will be produced in the state: Agriculture Minister

Agriculture Minister Ratan Lal Nath visited the Nagichhera Horticultural Research Center on Thursday. While interacting the media, he said that the work of the concerned department is to collect seeds of different fruits from different parts of the world or country.

Then the seeds were brought to the Nagichhera Horticultural Research Center for research. The seeds of the species from which the crop will be produced are collected and sent to the farmers of the state for cultivation. However, the main purpose of today's visit is to discuss how the state can proceed to become self-sufficient in food production, he said. He said 24 percent of the state's agricultural land. But efforts are being made on how to increase crop production in Tripura even with less land. He said four districts of the state have become self-sufficient in food crop production. These include Dakshin District, Gomti District, Sipahizla and Unkoti District are also slightly self-sufficient. The minister also said that there is a plan to create DPR in Nagichhara. And Hotti Eco Tourism will be created. How to make Red Palmwell Nursery has been started for this. It will take ten months to seedling. If this palm oil can be produced in large quantities then foreign companies will export palm oil from Tripura. A processing center has also been set up. Apart from this, other firms in the state have such plans, the minister said.

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