Hamas agrees to abide by ICJ's ruling on cease-fire in Gaza if Israel takes similar position

Palestinian terrorist group Hamas said that it will abide by the International Court of Justice (ICJ)'s ruling on a cease-fire in Gaza if Israel takes a similar position. Hamas said, it was following deliberations at the ICJ with great interest. Additionally, the International Court of Justice is due to hand down its landmark ruling today in the case brought by South Africa against Israel over alleged genocide in Gaza.

Hamas also said that it would release the Israeli captives held in its captivity in Gaza, if Israel releases the Palestinian detainees from Israeli jails. The group is believed to be holding 136 Israelis following its cross-border attack on October 7.

Meanwhile, Israel accused the World Health Organization of collusion with Hamas by ignoring Israeli evidence of the terrorist use of hospitals in the Gaza Strip. Israeli ambassador Meirav Eilon Shahar told the WHO's executive board that there could not be health care in the Palestinian territory when Hamas embeds itself in hospitals and uses human shields. She said that in every single hospital that Israel searched in Gaza, it found evidence of Hamas' military use.

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