Protest march of left front student organization in the city

SFI organized a protest march from Paradise Chaumuhni on Thursday afternoon to protest against the vandalism of SFI's campaign decorations at MBB College. Their complaint is that SFI 20th State Conference will be held at Agartala Town Hall on October 17 and 18.

Campaigning for these is going on all over the state. Similarly, wall writings and posters were put up in the MBB college premises on Wednesday as part of the campaign. But some miscreants of the ruling party vandalized the graffiti and posters. But the main reason behind such campaign decorations is that the support of the ruling party in the entire state is decreasing day by day. The ruling party student body is scared. So it is being challenged that SFI name will be written on the walls of every educational institution in the state within one month. SFI State Secretary Sandeepan Dev directly challenged that it will be seen how much they can delete. The procession circumambulates the various routes of the city.

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