Pathaan Box Office predictions: Shah Rukh Khan starrer set to open at Rs. 42 crores

It's going to be a windfall for the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathaan on the very first day. Till about 10 days back, the film was tracking at around Rs. 40 crores. However the manner in which the advance booking has been gathering pace, there is a very good possibility that the film will see its business exceed Rs. 42 cr at the box office.

That would be a big deal indeed since Wednesday is a working day and for Bollywood, the biggest non-holiday opening record was set by Brahmastra just a few months back when Rs. 37 crores were collected on the first day. The film had collected Rs. 37 crores but then it had released on Friday, which means it had a weekend advantage as evening and night shows were set to be quite good. Now Pathaan has an even bigger advantage since Republic Day falls the day after, which is a national holiday too, and hence this comfortably leads to Rs. 40 crores+ number.

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