Govt working to make Tripura self-sufficient in milk production: ARDD Minister

The state Animal Resource Development Department minister Sudhangshu das on Tuesday inaugurated 5,000 litre capacity Insulated Road Milk Tanker at Gomati Dairy premises and said that the government is contemplating to make Tripura self-sufficient in milk production.

He said that this tanker will enable the transportation of milk from Bulk Milk Cooler Centers (BMC) at 4°C, ensuring the quality of milk is maintained and preventing spoilage.

“Efforts are being made to produce high-quality cattle fodder in the state by utilizing the unused government land, forest area and government farms,” he said, adding that according to the survey of 2022-23, there is shortage of about 85,000 MT milk in the state and there is a need for more encouragement for the farmers over cattle rearing to address this deficiency.

Meanwhile, the minister Sukla Charan Noatia, who remained present in the programme on Tuesday laid emphasis on production of more different kinds of dairy products in Gomati Dairy.


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