PM Narendra Modi says India is now a country that leads and creates new global platforms

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted that his government has taken every decision with the national interest in mind. He said, any tough decision does not seem difficult for him as he takes all steps through the prism of Nation First. Mr Modi stated this in an interview with a news magazine. The Prime Minister said that Modi’s guarantee is not a formula made for winning elections but the guarantee is the trust of the poor. He said, today, every poor person in the country knows that Mr Modi will not back down from his duty. The Prime Minister said, from a country that used to feel left behind, India is now leading from the front and has become a country that leads and creates new global platforms. He said, today, the world consensus is clear that this is India’s moment. The Prime Minister said that he believes in optimum utilisation of resources and outcome-oriented monitoring and achieving national goals through Jan Andolans.

On economy, Mr Modi said that when he became Prime Minister in 2014, the size of India’s economy was two trillion dollars and at the end of 2023-24, India’s GDP will be more than 3.75 trillion dollars.

He pointed out that it is well-known that investments in infrastructure have a large multiplier impact on growth and employment. Mr Modi also said that infrastructure creation is happening at a 'never-seen-before' pace, and all sectors are doing much better than how they were 10 years ago. On the issue of ensuring sustained peace in Jammu and  Kashmir, he said, the government has adopted a multi-pronged approach with a focus on security, development, investment in infrastructure and human capital and a complete re-engineering of government processes through reforms.

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