Initiation of awareness programs to build a TB free state

A state-based program to build TB-free panchayats was launched on Wednesday. Mayor Deepak Majumder launched the state-based program at the Rabindra Centenary Building with the slogan "TB will lose, Tripura will win". An MoU was signed on 8 July 2022 between the Union Ministry of Panchayatiraj and the Central TB Division on the plan to develop TB free panchayats with the aim of making TB free India.

The objective was to investigate and solve the problems related to TB disease and also to make the Panchayat TB free. On March 24, Mayor Deepak Majumdar called for the formation of Prime Minister TB Mukt Panchayat as a part of "Pradhan Mantri TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyan" aimed at eradicating TB disease. A gram panchayat will be declared as TB free only when at least 80 percent of the specified gram panchayat fulfills the criteria. This includes at least 50 per 1,000 population diagnosed with TB annually. Rs 500 to be paid to every TB patient during treatment under Nikshaya Poshan Yojana. Chief Sachin JK Sinha, Health Department Secretary Dr. Debashis Basu, District Magistrate, Health Officer and others were present on the occasion.

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