CM Dr Manik Saha hails Tripura Police for indomitable spirit in Art and Craft

Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha on Monday inaugurated art and craft exhibition of Tripura Police and TSR Jawans organised to mark 150th year of celebration of Tripura Police here at Agartala Rabindra Bhavan premise and claimed that the success of the state police in maintaining law and order situation is being praised across the country.

Addressing the gathering of police in the programme, the Chief Minister Dr Saha said, “Tripura Police is playing a major role in maintaining law and order in the state. Tripura secured third rank among the rest of the states of the country in low crime rate.”

Dr Saha, who also holds the home portfolio lauded the state police for low crime rate in the state and said, “The crime rate in our state gradually came down due to the diligent work of the state police, which made utmost effort in maintaining the law and order situation of the state.”

“Significant success has also been achieved in arresting illegal infiltrators, particularly Bangladeshis and Rohingyas. The Chief Minister said that the role of Tripura Police was commendable in the Tripura Legislative Assembly elections held in February 2023 and the by-elections held last September,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister on Monday also lauded the state police and said, “It is a great matter of pride that apart from maintaining law & order and ensuring security to the people, Tripura Police, TSR personnel are also showcasing their indomitable spirit in the field of Art & Craft.”



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