Iran attacks terrorist bases in Pakistan with drones and missiles

Iran has launched drone and missile attacks at terrorist group bases in Pakistan. The strike has hit a village, in the vast south-western province of Balochistan, which borders the two countries. Iranian state media said, missiles targeted two bases of militant group Jaish al Adl.

Jaish al-Adl is the most active and influential Sunni militant group operating in Sistan-Baluchestan. The terror group has previously mounted attacks on Iranian security forces in the border area with Pakistan.

 Tehran has linked the group with attacks last month close to the border, which killed over a dozen Iranian police officers. At the time, Iran's interior minister Ahmad Vahidi said that the militants responsible had entered the country from Pakistan.

Pakistan said Iranian strikes resulted in the death of two children and leaving three others injured. As per Pakistan's foreign ministry statement these strikes could have serious consequences.

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