TRIPURA: Govt to distribute mustard oil through PDS as Durga Puja gift hamper

The Tripura government has decided to distribute mustard oil to the ration card holders of the state through Public Distribution System (PDS) at subsidized rate following the Durga Puja festival ahead.

Addressing a press conference here in the conference hall of the civil secretariat on Monday, the state food and civil supplies minister Sushatna Chowdhury said, “One litre mustard oil, one kg lentil, 2 kg flour, 1 kg sugar, 500 gram rava, and atta will be distributed through PDS.”

“The mustard oil will be sold at a special price of Rs 113/litre. Earlier, it was decided that the ration shops would sell mustard oil at Rs 128/litre but the department later provided an additional Rs 15 subsidy/litre,” he told reporters.

He said, “The subsidized mustard oil will be provided to ration card holders four times a year.” Aiming to ensure a green environment, the PDS items will be distributed to the consumers through biodegradable canvas bags, he told reporters.

On the other hand, the minister informed that 635 labourers engaged in loading, unloading and other menial tasks under the food and civil supplies department will be given an ex gratia amount of Rs 2,000 this year. 

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