Inter battalion centre Kaba­di competition has been started aiming the expected goal. To­day i.e 10/10/2022 Inter Battalion  Gro­up Center Kabaddi Co­mpetition -2022 inau­gurated by Shri. Vij­ay Kumar, DIG (Adm), Tripura Sector, CRPF Agartala (Tripura) at 124 BN, CRPF Head Quarter, Salbagan, Agartala (Tripura) as a part of Annual Sports Programme. The aim of conducting the Kabaddi Compet­ition was to break the monotony and also to select the Tripu­ra Sector Kabaddi te­am for representing Tripura Sector in the forth coming Inter Sector Competition.

 Total five teams of (71 BN, 124 BN, 140 BN, 225 BN and GC, Agartala) are part­icipating and the co­mpetition will concl­ude on 12/10/2022. During the inaugurati­on of above competit­ion, Chief Guest Shr­i. Vijay Kumar, DIG (Adm), Tripura Sect­or, CRPF Agartala, (Tripura) mentioned that "PARTICIPATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE WINNING" and every one should part­icipate with game sp­irit.


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