India & China expected to contribute nearly half of global growth this year, says IMF report

The International Monetary Fund has said the growth in the dynamic Asia-Pacific region largely led by India and China is projected to increase to 4.6 per cent this year from that of 3.8 per cent recorded in 2022. 

In its Regional Economic Outlook - Asia and Pacific report released on Tuesday, the Washington-based fund said the region would contribute around 70 per cent of global growth. Asia and Pacific will be the most dynamic of the world's major regions in 2023, predominantly driven by the buoyant outlook for China and India," the IMF report said, adding that the two largest emerging market economies of the region are expected to contribute around half of global growth this year, with the rest of Asia and Pacific contributing an additional fifth. Asia's dynamism will be driven primarily by the recovery in China and resilient growth in India, while growth in the rest of Asia is expected to bottom out in 2023, in line with other regions," it added.

Meanwhile, IMF said 2023 looks to be a challenging year for the global economy, with global growth decelerating as the effects of monetary policy tightening and Russia's war in Ukraine continue to weigh on economic activity. Also, persistent inflationary pressures, and recent financial sector problems in the US and Europe, inject additional uncertainty into an "already complex economic landscape", it said.

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