Cannabis plantation worth Rs 15 lakh destroyed by Police

In a major crackdown against Marijuana (Ganja) cultivation, the Tripura police along with CRPF jawans on Thursday uprooted 7,000 Marijuana (Ganja) plants at Bagber panchayat under Kalamcherra police station.

The police stated that they received a crucial tip-off, on the basis of the tip-off police personnel Kalamcherra police station and CRPF jawans took decisive action at Bagber panchayat by uprooting 7,000 Marijuana (Ganja) plants.

Police and CRPF jawans launched operations in six locations in the same area and effectively destroyed approximately 7,000 Marijuana (Ganja) plants in a single comprehensive campaign.

A police official said “Our operation was a resounding success, and we are committed to curbing drug cultivation in the region. We destroyed 7,000 Marijuana (Ganja) plants and the estimated market value of the confiscated narcotics is approximately Rs 15 lakh.”


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