TIPRA Motha writes to IPFT for unity on ‘Greater Tipraland’ demand

With the crucial assembly election is drawing near in Tripura, the Tipraha Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA) Motha had extended its hand of alliance with the ruling BJP’s ally IPFT saying that ‘Greater Tipraland’ is the need of the hour for existence of Tiprasas in the state of Tripura.

Officially handing over a letter to IPFT recently, the TIPRA Motha chairman Pradyot Kishore Deb Burman stated that the similar demand of Tipraland Land of the IPFT and the Greater Tipraland of the TIPRA Motha is need of the hour for the survival and existence of the Tiprasas. “Hence, it should be our utmost priority,” the letter reads.

He further stated, “Fundamentally, there is not much basic difference between our demand for "Tipraland' State and 'Greater Tipraland' State. Our demand is not different but it's the same, which seeks a permanent constitutional solution for the indigenous people of the state. And we cannot have a consideration of any other issues sacrificing the Tiprasas' existence. Let the Tiprasas' survive and exist first under the protection of the "Tipraland' State or 'Greater Tipraland' State.”

“Let us not be drawn to the posts or positions or money as shall be allured by different political parties around us. Let us not get deviated from our demand as our prime goal is to preserve and protect the future of the Tiprasas from extinction,” he stated.

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