Tripura sets target of 500 MW power generation through renewable energy by 2030: CM Dr. Manik Saha

Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha on Wednesday pitched for Green Energy for Clean Environment and said that the government has set a target of generating 500 MW power through renewable energy sources by 2030 to meet the State’s future demand.

“Government has prioritized the establishment of renewable energy centers in the state. Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency (TREDA) has set up a 20 MW renewable energy plant in the state. Tripura Power Generation Limited has undertaken to implement 120 and 84 MW CCGT projects in Rukhia and Baramura instead of 63 and 42 MW OCGT projects. Tripura Power Generation Limited has also started setting up small hydropower plants of 30 MW capacity at various locations in the state,” Dr. Saha said.

The Chief Minister on Wednesday chaired a workshop on energy transition in Tripura here in a private run hotel and said that initiatives have been taken to set up solar grid power, floating solar, canal solar, rooftop solar, micro grid solar etc.

“Central and state governments have adopted various policies and programs to promote and expand renewable energy in rural and urban areas,” he said, adding that the TREDA has inked a memorandum of understanding with NTPC for installing a 130-MW renewable energy plant in Dumbur in Gomati district of the state,” he said.

Dr. Saha further said that renewable energy has become important all over the world in creating a clean environment and conserving resources for future generations.

He however called upon the private partners of the country and abroad to invest in the renewable energy sector of the state and help the government in promoting green energy at large. 

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