TIGER 3 SCOOP: Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan to take on Varinder Singh Ghuman in a JAIL BREAK ACTION scene

Salman Khan led Tiger 3 is among the most anticipated films of Indian Cinema at this point of time and producer, Aditya Chopra is leaving no stone unturned to make this a spectacle like never before. YRF is all gearing up to shoot for a mega action sequence featuring their super spies, Tiger and Pathaan in Tiger 3.

"While Pathaan was a comical take on the bond shared by Tiger and Pathaan, Tiger 3 is going to be intense. The plot of Tiger 3 warrants a certain amount of intensity and that would reflect in all the action sequences. In Tiger 3, the two megastars will team up for a big jail break action scene which will be shot for 2 weeks at Yash Raj Studio in Mumbai in the month of April.

In the extended action scene, there is a strong opposition to Tiger and Pathaan. "Tiger as a character took ISI and ISIS on a ride single handedly and hence there is nothing that he can't do by himself. But this time around, he is racing against time on his biggest mission till date and is locked in a prison set up with Indian Body Building Legend, Varinder Singh Ghuman as the villain in the sequence. Pathaan comes into the picture to make things faster for Tiger. Both the lead heroes will fight Varinder Singh Ghuman and his gang in this biggest action sequence set in the jail for Tiger 3.

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