BJP's Chintan Shibir has decided that there will be no alliance with Tipra Motha at the moment: Ashok Sinha

It has been decided in BJP's Chintan Shibir that the current position on the alliance will remain as it is. No new alliance has been decided. After that, if any decision is taken about the alliance later, it will be fixed by the central leadership. If any regional party wants to talk with the national party according to its principles and ideals, he will be welcomed. This is good for democracy. This was said by BJP Vice President Dr. Ashok Sinha in a press conference at the state BJP office on Saturday.

The ADC failed to win even one of the constituencies that BJP's alliance partners fielded in the elections. But BJP has won all but two seats. Tipra Matha knows that BJP's power in the hills remains the same as before. Tipra Matha won people's attention not to vote for IPFT. That does not mean that they are supporters of Motha. This conflict is in the mind. From that they are organizing attacks on BJP. This incident is happening because of fear of BJP. But they will not be successful in assembly elections. Vice President Dr. Ashok Sinha made it clear that there is no alliance with Motha in this case. He said that there is an alliance with IPFT at present. BJP does not do election centric politics.

The team is working with people every day. BJP does not listen to those who cheated people for 25 years. He said that they are delivering to those to whom the white paper is to be given. BJP is giving proof of work to common people. No worker was barred from Asha in the CPM rally. They got a chance to rally. The allegations of those who do not trust the Supreme Court, the Election Commission are not true.

There was never a friendly fight in Tripura. Martyrdom, attacks, intimidation continued. CPM is the importer of political terror. Congress was defeated at that time. Vice President Dr. Ashok Sinha said that today they are planning to lose all shame and become an alliance. BJP will seek people's votes for jobs. People will form their own government. But keep in mind that people are not stupid. People know who did what. He said that he will vote for him.

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