Hamas designated as a terrorist organization by several countries

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed that it was carrying out a precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a specified area in the Al Shifa Hospital in a social media post in the wee hours on Wednesday. Eyewitness inside the hospital said that about 6 Israeli tanks and more than 100 commando soldiers had entered the hospital campus. The IDF had publicly warned that Hamas' continued military use of the Shifa hospital as command post had jeopardized its protected status under international law.

On Tuesday, the IDF alleged that they conveyed to the relevant authorities in Gaza to cease all military activities in the hospital within 12 hours. Both Israel and the US claim that Hamas has a command base under it which Hamas denies.

Al-Shifa is the largest hospital in Gaza Strip. Aid workers say the situation inside Al-Shifa is alarming and the Hamas-run health ministry says there are thousands of people using the complex to shelter from Israeli bombing.

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