Mega Health Camp organizes under the banner of good governance in every house

Agartala: Nov 13: As various programmes are being given to the people through Sushasan Abhiyan program in each house, free medical service are being reached through health camps. In every house good governance campaign, facilities are being delivered to the common people in different parts of the state through various camps. Various wards of Agartala Municipal Corporation are such camps.

Citizens of Agartala Municipal Corporation are happy to get various opportunities in these camps. On Sunday, a health camp was organized in Ward No. 13 of Agartala Municipal Corporation, Bhati Abhaynagar Rishi Colony Lower Primary School under Sushasan Abhiyan program. Agartala Municipal Corporation North Zonal Chairman Pradeep Chanda, State Planning Commission Vice Chairman Dr. Ashok Sinha, Health Secretary Dr. Debashis Bose and others were present. Everything including medicine is provided free of charge in health camps. Beneficiaries are happy with it.

Speaking to the programme North Zonal Chairman Pradeep Chanda said the camp is also help people ascertain the common issues among people in the district. The most reported issues included hypertention, fever, malaria, liver and respiratory disorders, diabetes, Skin aliments and anaemia.

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