AR organizes yoga sessions

In a significant move to promote physical and mental well-being, Assam Rifles conducted yoga sessions with locals at the historic Ujjayanta Palace in West Tripura district and Matabari Temple in Gomati district on 06 June 2024. This event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 103 Assam Rifles personnel and 73 civilians, making it a vibrant community gathering.

The primary objective of this initiative was to enhance the physical and mental health of the local population through the practice of various yoga and meditation techniques. By choosing such historically rich and culturally significant locations, Assam Rifles aimed to create a serene and inspiring environment that fosters holistic wellness. These places not only underscore the historical and cultural richness of the region but also serve as tranquil settings that enhance the meditative and rejuvenating aspects of yoga practice.

By integrating health-promoting activities, Assam Rifles continues to build and strengthen the relationship between security forces and the local population. Such events are pivotal in fostering trust, cooperation and mutual respect.

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