ICA Minister meets Club forum over combat drug menace

Agartala, Jan 20: Aiming to expedite the combat against the drug menace, the state Youth Affairs & Sports Minister Sushanta Chowdhury on Thursday met the representatives of the Club forum here at Agartala town hall and called for building a drug-free state. He said that besides police and state administration, the club forum must come forward to build a drug-free society by combating the menace of drugs among the youths.

“The club forum needs to think more about what action could be taken against drugs. For this we have to do regular awareness programs. If necessary, I will jointly campaign in some places where there is a drug menace,” YAS minister said. The Minister added that if the family of a person who is addicted to drugs wants help, the clubs should come forward for their help.

 If necessary, an awareness meeting should be held in each club and families in their respective areas should be sent a letter asking them to attend the meeting. Each club must act responsibly against drugs in the area concerned in the interest of society and future generation of the youths, he said.

Chowdhury suggested the youths of this generation get involved in various sports to keep themselves free from the grip of drugs. He said that the youth will stay away from intoxication if they can exercise regularly after engaging in sports. The minister announced plans to provide sports equipment to various clubs across the state.

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